What is an HLM full body workout?

Tonya shows the modified moves but understand that there is a world of difference between the intensity of her moves and the real deal.  But if you can keep up with the pros then you should feel pretty good about yourself after this.

Rather the man dishes out rapid successions of isometric postures guaranteed to pound the ever living taco-leftovers out of your midsection.  It was agony, and I can say that in the end I truly loved this one!  Top marks for originality!

FOCUS T25 - 150x150

You will be given blocks of quality exercises to choose from. It won’t matter which exercise you choose from each block, because this system makes it impossible to create an ineffective full body workout.

An HLM approach varies rep ranges in an attempt to help stimulate as much hypertrophy (muscle growth) Focus T25 Fastest Workout as possible. It also cycles intensity (heavy training), which should improve recovery and be somewhat easier on your joints over the long run.

This is a “build your own” On The Go workout system. It is highly customizable and can literally generate hundreds upon hundreds of unique workout program variations that will help you to build muscle (and strength).

Heavy day. Heavy training days will focus on the use of primarily compound exercises and 5 rep sets.

Light day. Light training days will allow you to target muscle groups with isolation exercises, or less intense compound movements. You will have the freedom to choose from cable, machine or even bodyweight exercises. Most sets will work within the 12-15 rep range. Bodyweight work may involve timed sets, or sets for as many reps as possible.

Moderate day. You will be given the T25 Fastest Workout choice between compound movements and heavy hitting alternatives. Rep ranges will remain around 8-10 per set for most exercises.